is the busiest and biggest city of United Kingdom. Driving in is demanding and requires extra ordinary driving skills. A Few very important things to be kept in mind while driving in are: You must be in possession of a valid driving license. You should be medically fit for driving. Driving while you are drunk is strictly prohibited. Besides these basic things there are several other points to be considered. Firstly, it is not advisable to drive in middle of the city during peak hours. During working hours you will face various problems which are amply elaborated in subsequent paragraphs. Parking is a major issue which is encountered at the very first stage. London is hub of business and trade activities. A large number of business plazas, centres and places are located in the middle of the city. That is why; all parking places are usually filled with vehicles of employers and employees of various organizations. Still if you manage to find a place to park your car, you will have to pay quite a handsome amount as a parking fee. Hence, it is better to travel in a public transport if you have to go to the city. Remember that driving in London is left handed. It has been a major cause of accidents of foreigners. You should also seek latest road map of the city. Due to ever increasing population and traffic in London, authorities keep amending their traffic plan to avoid accidents and keep continuous flow of traffic. You should have latest knowledge of all roads and streets in the city that which all streets are either one way or close ended. It will save you from lot of irritation and embracement. In addition, latest road map will also provide you the information of available parking places. Always keep in mind that pace of life in London is very fast which also effects general behaviour and habits of people. You will find everyone in a hurry; therefore you must resort to defensive driving. You should be able anticipate the situation in advance in order to avoid any untoward incident. Keep scanning the road ahead and area around it and be watchful of pedestrians. Concerned authorities keep working to keep you away from all such impediments. There are online websites which can guide you very well about driving in London. Using online websites, you can get your parking place reserved in advance which is very helpful if you must want to visit the city in your own car. You must follow the traffic signals and instructions being continuously displayed at various places in order to drive trouble free. Last but not the least; your vehicle should be fit in all respects. Shutting down of your vehicle in the centre of a road will result in a huge traffic block. This will not cause problem and irritation only for you but for others as well. All systems of your vehicle should be in working condition and it should be road worthy for trouble free driving in London.

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