Without having the right foundation no investment in a new mattress is entirely complete. As important as it is choosing the right mattress, choosing the right bed frame for your mattress is equally important. The right bed frames creates a relaxing bedroom atmosphere and sleep experience as well as optimizes support and comfort for the mattress. When shopping around for a new mattress, make sure you choose a bed frame that is compatible and that you have all the necessary information with regards to bed frames, as there is nothing worse than having a mattress spill over the frame sides.

Not all mattresses are compatible with certain bed frames, for example a memory foam mattresses is not well suited to a textured or box spring surface, as memory foam is designed specifically to conform to the shape of the body and the fame and should be placed on a flat solid surface. Water beds, air beds and adjustable beds also require custom bed frames suited to there specialized mattresses. If you have invested in a new mattress without changing the bed frame and the mattress is not providing a comfortable sleep, you will need to upgrade the bed frame to a more compatible model.
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The internal structure of a mattress is divided into two categories such as the spring and non-spring. For instance a spring mattress comprises of spring blocks covered with a layer of felt or foam and have around 120 springs per sq meter, and the mattresses are covered with either cotton or synthetic covering. A mattress of this nature is not highly recommended as the springs are inclined to squeak. Springs also wear out quickly and break over time. However, there are orthopaedic structures which provide independent springs which are stitched into separate covers.

Such mattresses are far more expensive but are well worth the investment due to the effects and structures. Quilted mattresses are also not a good option as they start forming knolls and dents after a period of time. There is also cheap foam rubber that provided no support as they are far too pliable and soft. The first and foremost thing is to take into consideration the composition and structure of a mattress which is important for your health. The covering materials play an important criterion especially for people suffering from respiratory disorders, skin diseases and allergies. If you should opt for a spring mattress, pay close attention to the quantity and quality of the springs.

A mattress should not be less than 18 cm in thickness and the height should be between 120 and 140mm. A quality spring mattress is the most ideal choice for people that are overweight.  In order to determine the correct firmness you can make use of the charts online that will help you determine the right firmness and elasticity. If you suffer from allergies, choose a mattress covering that is made from natural fibres and that is fire proof, antiallergenic and dust mite resistant. The combination of a quality mattress and matching bed frame will ensure a restful and comfortable nights rest.

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