There are not many lap band surgery side effects, as this bariatric surgery is less invasive. Laparoscopic procedure is usually followed in this surgery, and hence side effects resulting from incisions are absent. Lap Band surgery gets its name from the ring that is placed around the upper region of the stomach, leaving a small pouch on top. When the person eats food, it now goes to this small pouch, which reduces food intake, and correspondingly leads to weight loss. However, because of the placement of the band, certain side effects are possible.

The ring that is placed is filled with saline, and there is a possibility of this saline solution leaking out. This can cause nausea and general unease in the person. It has also been reported that in rare cases the band can rot, and start eroding into the stomach. Here too the person will feel nauseous and start vomiting. Actually, nausea is the only major side effect of this surgery and in some cases may be taken as a symptom of something going wrong with the band.

However, nausea is also caused, when the reduced portion of the stomach that is the new pouch, is not able to handle certain foods. The band may be completely fine, but the reduced stomach is usually not able to digest certain vegetables and fruits that are raw, and a variety of fatty meats. When the person eats raw vegetables having a tough stalk like broccoli, or fruits with the skin, then the digestion may not be proper, and that will lead to nauseous feeling, and even vomiting.

Smaller size of the new stomach can also cause dehydration, which again leads to nausea. The person will not feel like drinking enough water because the stomach is already full with food that it is slowly digesting. The nausea resulting from dehydration can be aggravated by too much food in the stomach, which can cause vomiting.  Dehydration can also cause constipation, and a bloated feeling.

We can safely conclude that lap band surgery side effects are mainly nausea and vomiting. These can be prevented by sticking to a proper diet suitable for the reduced size of the stomach. One must also remember to take adequate amounts of water at proper intervals to prevent dehydration. However, whenever nausea occurs it is good to consult your doctor to rule out any problems with the band. If the side effects are being caused due to some severe problem, it can also be easily reversed, and hence the person need not fear any permanent damage.

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