Transcription: (That’s pretty cool and you can try it out) But what I want to do today is, I actually want to show you a preview of a feature that we’ve been working on for a little while—it won’t be out for a few months. It’s called “ ” in . And for that I’m going to invite my colleague Kyle Overbeck on stage to help me out. Please keep in mind this is experimental, so it may or may not work perfectly. Nice to see you, Kyle. Hold on. So we’re in Germany. I know, yes. So, Kyle, I’m a tourist and you’re a salesman at a local shoe store here in Berlin. So I’m going to start “conversation ” here, and you’ll notice that I have a button in English and you have a button in German. So our conversations would probably go something like this: —Do you have the shoes in size 41? “Sie haben die Schuhe in Größe 41.” —Welche Farbe? “Which cable?” Try it again. —Welche Farbe? “What color?” —Black or brown would be fine. “Schwarz oder braun wäre schön.” —Wir haben schwarz und braun. “We have black and brown.” —Can you give me a discount if I take both? “Können Sie mir einen Rabatt, wenn ich beide nehmen?” —Zwanzig Prozent. “Twenty percent” That’s a deal! Vielen Dank.

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