Christmas is the time of year when many people look forward to spending quality time with their loved ones. It is a time to reflect on the greatest gift that God gave to the world in the form of his son. It is a time of decorations and gifts. Christmas lights have been a part of the festive tradition since the invention of electricity. Lights are used to decorate the Christmas tree, garden and other places around the home. Lights enhance the whole experience of Christmas. For many, it is a magical experience as the static environment of the home is transformed into one that is beautiful, pleasurable and shiny.

For those who are curious there are several types of lights that are available on the market.

Lights for the Christmas tree

No Christmas is ever complete without a Christmas tree. The decorating of the Christmas tree for many families is a tradition that takes place at the end of the year when all the members of the family gather and unite in decorating the tree. Each child of a reasonable age is allowed to hang an ornament or decorative piece. For many, Christmas lights add the finishing touch to the tree. Christmas lights are available in large and small lights. A popular way of decorating a tree is using both large and small bulbs. Wrap the larger bulbs from the base of the tree starting at the center, then starting from the center wrap the rest of the tree right to the top to meet the star or angel.  Clear white Christmas lights will give your tree an elegant look. Multi colour lights that blink are a favourite for many children.

Christmas Lantern Lights

Christmas lantern lights are growing in popularity world wide.  They can be purchased in many different colours and are available in various shapes and sizes. They are operated by batteries. They are available in white, however you can purchase various coloured wires to change the colour of the LEDs. 
Christmas lights for indoors

Using Christmas lights to enhance the interior of your home during the festive season will bring excitement and cheer.  The most popular form of interior lighting are LEDs. In addition to throwing off lots of light, Christmas LEDs are programed to entertain their viewers.   Some LEDs are designed with multi effect lighting.  This means the light they emit is usually flashing, slow glowing, and sequential patterns, fading or wavy. When you use this type of lighting for your window, passers by and guests will be impressed. If you are concerned about your electricity bill, some can be operated using batteries. Decorative ideas for these types of lights are:

• The wrapping of your banisters

• Lining your mirrors and large picture frames


There are many types of lights that will add a special touch to your decorations this season. Net lights, rope lights, circle lights and roof lights are just some others that were not mentioned. Think creatively when applying these lights this season.   They will add life and cheer to your in and outdoors.

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