Rugs are used to enhance the beauty of your home and they provide comfort. Rugs are available in many different qualities styles and patterns. Experienced rug merchants know the importance of carrying a quality line of carpets that showcase unique decorative patterns. If you are a collector of carpets you know the importance of only selecting the best of the best that is authentic. Some of the trade marks of quality rugs are its fibre, colour and dimension. Before buying any piece of rug these are the first factors that should be taken into consideration.
The importance of purchasing from genuine Rug Merchants

Rugs are much more than utilitarian objects. They can become a valuable object of art.

Rugs for many home owners represent a symbol of status. Merchants that have been involved in the business for many years are experienced in proving their clients with the best that the rug industry has to offer. Experience is master in this line of business as only experienced merchants will have the sharp eye that is necessary in in providing their customers with some of the most tantalizing rugs that features exquisite colours and unique designs that are on the market today.  When you shop at Rugs Australia you have guaranteed yourself a perfect article for your home or place of work. At Rugs Australia carpets are procured from some of the best known locations that produce rugs. Countries such as China, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Nepal and Iran are a just a few of the location where rug stocks originate. As a consumer it is extremely important that you purchase rugs from merchants that know the best quality.

Rugs are available in different designs, colours, sizes and constructions. Before you make a purchase there are several pointers that you need to take into consideration.
Type of Material used in the making of the rug

Rugs are made from different types of materials these include hemp and jute, cotton, acrylic. Natural skin, leather, polypropylene, wool and hemp, silk, viscose and suede leather, linen and wool, wool and silk, viscose and wool, polyester and wool, spun bamboo and wool, viscose and wool.

Rugs feature many different types of constructions such as hand hooked, braided, flat woven, hand woven, shag, machine made and hand tufted.

Shapes of rugs

Rugs are available in several shapes these are, square, odd sizes, oval, over sized and round.

Additional services

Carpets are very valuable objects and for them to remain looking and feeling like new for many years you will need to care for them. One of the first steps in doing this is to ensure that the carpet was bought from a reputable merchant, these merchants will offer after sales services such as rug cleaning services, consultation, design advice and rug appraisal services.

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