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For most people, learning how to drive is a necessity rather than a luxury. In the United Kingdom, over 72 percent of households own a car while over 30 percent own two or more vehicles. But the story doesn’t just stop with car ownership, the amount of distance traveled by car for more people by far outstrips those made by train and bus put together, tenfold it hard to ignore the important role played by the car in the life of the average citizen; and it is even harder to view the ability to drive as a necessary and basic skill, such as knowing how to use a computer or phone.

The cost of learning how to drive:
Considering the number of cars in the United Kingdom and the number and variety of journeys these cars are used for, then the need to have driving skills becomes more of a practical necessity than a luxury. However, learning how to drive, unlike using the computer or telephone has to be done under a licensed instructor. In these hard economic times, people are increasingly putting more consideration into cost when finding a driving instructor. But how can one best assess these costs?
There are two major strategies that one can use to assess the cost of ; these are The price of each driving lesson- the first thing people do when looking to learn how to drive is to visit several licensed instructors comparing the price of individual . This is quite sensible on a basic level.

Driving lessons are normally taken on a weekly basis so there is a natural tendency to view it as a weekly expense. However, this can be a mistake under certain circumstances. Estimating the overall cost of learning how to drive- this stagey involves estimating the number of lessons one is likely to need with a particular instructor then calculating the overall cost of the entire learning process from the price of each lesson. This strategy is quite different from the first one and lays emphasis on the quality of the lessons other than on the price. Using this strategy, it is easy to find the driving schools that offer driving lessons at the least cost and within the shortest time. By considering the quality of teaching, one can easily determine their chances of passing their first driving test after completing the course. In short, this strategy recognizes the fact that not all instructors and driving schools offer the same

It is very rare to find driving lessons offered on a fixed cost basis. It is not easy to find a school that accepts a set fee to complete a driving course, rather most require payments per lesson. According to the Standard Agency website, the average Britton needs approximately 45 hours of learning in addition to 25 hours of practice to pass their first driving test. However, some people are quick learners and are able to pass in half this time while others never pass at all. There isn’t a set price of learning how to dive. It all differs depending on the learner, teacher, and area.

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