Many people love the taste of sugar when added to their , their frozen treats, their pastries and their drinks. Some people even love it so much that they put sugar on top of sugar which is coated with sugar, redundant as that may be. Even with the modern campaign against the bad health effects of sugar, many people still refuse to give it up, which comes as no surprise since an entire generation has been brought up on sugary donuts, chocolates cakes, skittles, Twinkies, pan cakes with maple syrup and sugar sprinkles, cotton candy and much more. But this does not change the negative impact it has on health though. Nor will any denial on that fact make it any less true. So what can you do?

Now obviously, if you are and have been an addict to refined sugar for years, going cold turkey is just not an option. But if you are finally waking up to the reality of your beloved sugar’s bad influence and want to change, you can try the following.

Cut down

If dropping the sugar completely is not something you feel you can possibly do in such a short time, then reducing the amount and frequency you use it may help. Instead of putting it in every meal at every sit-down, just use it on one recipe a day. Instead of eating a box of sugar cookies every day, just have it like three times a week. Instead of putting five cubes or tablespoons in your drink, just put one or two. They may not seem like much of a change, but you will have to trust that they already put you ahead of where you were.

Eat fruits

One of the biggest arguments against the campaign against sugar is that sugar is found in nature and that it is also produced by the body. Well yes, those are true. But refined sugar is certainly not the same as those found in nature and neither does the body produce the same amount at the same frequency. The sugar found in nature’s fruits and Organic Superfoods are easily digested and absorbed and does not stack up as excess fat. The body does produce sugar, but only enough to meet its needs. So eating sweet fruits and Organic Superfoods is quite healthy and would serve to curb your need for sweetness.

Use alternatives

Artificial sugars have been making good business over the years by providing people access to the sweetness of sugar without the supposed health risks of sugar. Unfortunately, though many of these artificial sweeteners provide the flavor, they do not necessarily provide the health benefits. In fact, some of them can be quite as bad or even worse than sugar with all the chemicals and stuff inside them. So instead of that, you can try the healthier and more natural alternatives which involve no artificial chemicals whatsoever. Some of them are agave syrup, maple sugar, Coconut Sugar, and raw honey. All of these examples are perfect substitutes for sugar and are completely healthy.

Keep yourself busy

More often than not, the need to feed is brought out when the body is stagnant and unmoving. Likewise, the cravings for sugar becomes more prominent when you are doing nothing and are just lying down or doing something that does not require that much attention. So in order to keep the urges at bay until you feel comfortable enough to address it, is to keep your mind and body occupied as much as possible. Read an engaging book, do your accounting, clean up your house, exercise, read up online and whatever else. Just be occupied.

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