7 Tips on how to Lasting Longer In Bed Tonight

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction among men.  Research has found that more than half of males will suffer from this and climax much too soon for their liking. Research has also found that well over half will climax two to three minutes after the start of intercourse. PE will affect most men at some time in their lives and is known as “climaxing before the male or his partner is ready”

This can affect younger men more so than men from the older generation.  This is only a general rule of thumb. Premature ejaculation usually has no underlying cause or as being the result of any physical problems.

Outlined below are 7 very useful tips to help you control premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed tonight.

1.    Stop and start method.
When your body is telling you that it is about to climax, withdraw  and relax long enough for the feelings to subside then re-enter and continue slowly. Although this might be easier said than done,  repeat the process as required until you are both ready to climax.

2.    Prolong Foreplay.
By stimulating your partner to a high degree of arousal before beginning intercourse is another good method.  This method will hopefully allow you both to climax at the same time. Your partner will be almost ready to climax when you begin. She may even experience multiple climaxes.

3.    Sexual Performance Anxiety.
This is another common complaint.  This is generally a psychological thing and as hard as it may be, talking to your partner about it can be very helpful. Try and relax..

4.    Desensitizing Products.

These can be obtained from the drug store or even the super market. Applying a little of this product to the end of the penis will deaden it somewhat.  

5.    Masturbation.
Masturbation a short time before intercourse is another good method. This will help you last longer and to prevent PE. Talking to your partner about this is also a great idea and it may be fun all round when she helps you.

6.    Squeeze Method.
This involves squeezing the tip of your manhood for 15 to 20 seconds just before you climax, this can be performed by yourself or with the help of your partner. Repeat this until climax is wanted

7.    Distracting yourself,
If you find yourself about to climax and it’s too soon, think of something else, something totally boring is best, start talking to yourself, anything that will prevent you from climaxing too soon.


PE can be a problem for some men but with a bit of practice and patience you will overcome it and in all probability will grow out of it with age. Whatever you do, don’t despair; there are some good programs available to help you. Explore these program options; you will be glad you did.

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